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Most Russians approve Russian media work

Fifty-three percent of Russians positively assess the work of Russian mass media. The level of media approval by Russian nationals is even higher than that of state and public institutions (the government, 33%, the State Duma, 25%, political parties, 20%).

Only the Russian president whose activity is positively assessed by 75% of Russians is beyond competition.

These are data distributed by the All-Russian Public Opinion Study Fund (VTsIOM) after surveys across Russia conducted on April 17-18 and June 26-27 this year in 100 populated localities of Russia's 39 regions, territories and republics. 1,600 people were interviewed at places of residence.

31% of respondents said they watch newscasts and analytical programs concerning politics every day. 32% watch such programs a few times a week. Thirty-five percent watch these programs occasionally or never.

Russians' assessments of the quality of information-political programs differ. On the one hand, 38% of respondents believe that information TV programs have recently become more interesting, but 39% believe there have been no changes.

On the other hand, 65% of Russians note with confidence that information programs of various all-Russian channels are becoming similar to one another and comment on events in the same way.

The question, "what TV programs are you interested in most" showed once again that Russians are not so much tired of politics and information-analytical broadcasting. 59% of those polled noted interest in information and news programs. 15% prefer analytical programs.

Russian and foreign movies interest 37% of the audience, and entertainment programs, 32%.