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Margelov on CFE ratification

The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE) ratified on Wednesday by the Federation Council (upper house of parliament) allows Russia to preserve military presence in Armenia and Ukraine, Federation Council international committee head Mikhail Margelov told RIA Novosti.

"The treaty complicates disguised and quick deployment of combined arms groups and hinders starting the so-called classic wars on European territory," he said.

Speaking about the ratified CFE, Margelov said the document envisages mutual inspections and consultations of the countries that joined it, which provides a possibility to develop military cooperation between Russia and NATO.

Speaking on the delay in Baltic states' accession to the adapted CFE, Margelov said this situation "will fix the existence in Europe of the so-called gray zones." This, in the Russian senator's opinion, "will testify to NATO's intention to build up armaments directly on Russian borders," which will provoke a relevant reaction of Moscow and entail distrust.

Mikhail Margelov concluded that Russia is interested in the adapted CFE and expects from its Western partners and neighbors loyalty to European security principles.