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Deputy Interior Minister says Armenia has special role in combating crime in Russia

At a meeting between the Russian Interior Ministry and the Armenian police department, Deputy Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev said that Armenia played a special role in domestic law enforcement in Russia.

"In handling issues of domestic law enforcement, it is important today for Russia to have the backing and active involvement of fraternal states, among which Armenia has a special role," Mr. Nurgaliev said.

He said that the issues were, above all, the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration, the human trade, racketeering and economic crime.

Mr. Nurgaliev also proposed broadening the list of additional steps that Russian and Armenian law enforcement agencies should take.

Specifically, additional protection for bilateral investment projects, increased interaction in the planning and implementation of antiterrorism actions and ensuring the security of important facilities, Mr. Nurgaliev said.

He also proposed considering pressing problems and formulating solutions at the bilateral meeting of the heads of the ministerial divisions this fall.

"It would be expedient to consider matters of immigration, the creation of practical mechanisms to monitor the movement of capital and the development of immediate contacts between the information and analytical divisions of the two agencies," Mr. Nurgaliev said.

Armenian police chief Aik Arutyunyan said that over five months in 2004, the Russian law enforcement agencies had detained and extradited 23 criminals to Armenia.

In 2003, the Russian law enforcement agencies detained and extradited 48 people wanted by Armenian law enforcement agencies, Mr. Arutyunyan said.

In 2003, the Armenian police established the guilt of and detained 62 individuals wanted by Russian law enforcement agencies. Over five months of this year, the Armenian police found and detained 22 people wanted by the Russian Interior Ministry, the Armenian police chief said.