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Khabarovsk sees public drugs incineration

Khabarovsk (Russia's Far East) witnessed public incineration of the largest drugs consignment estimated at over two million rubles ($1 is approximately 29 rubles).

The Khabarovsk Federal Drug Control Service Department's press service told RIA Novosti that the action had been attended by a commission headed by the Khabarovsk Federal Drug Control Service Department's deputy chief police colonel Yuri Vysotsky and local reporters.

Criminalist Elena Khorolskaya presented the drugs prepared for burning. The commission members, including the Khabarovsk Federal Drug Control Service Department's investigation service officers and environmental experts, heard six court sentences on elimination of narcotics involved in different criminal cases.

In particular, Alexander Kashtanov, a resident of the Amur region, was found guilty of drugs production and trade and sentenced to five years in prison. The drug police seized from him 51.1 kilograms of hashish and some 16 kilograms of marijuana, which were subsequently brought to the workshop.

Brought here were also 3.7 kilograms of dried opium, seized in fall last year in the house of young Gypsy Morshan Ogly, who was killed by his tribesmen during the partition of the drug trade influence spheres.

Incinerated alongside were over 1.6 kilogram of the 'taren' psychotropic substance pills, over 3.2 kilograms of hashish oil and over 40 cannabis bushes.

During the next public execution, to be held in Khabarovsk regularly, drugs under additional 36 court sentences will be set on fire.