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Russia ready to help Iraq government

Russia is ready to aid the Iraqi interim government both within collective efforts of the international community and on a bilateral basis, runs the statement of Russian foreign ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko, forwarded to RIA Novosti on Monday.

"Moscow expects the interim government to seek peace and stability, economic restoration, respect for human rights and freedoms," the statement says.

The official spokesman for the Russia foreign ministry remarked that "the success of the new Iraqi leadership will depend above all on whether it wins trust of the Iraqi people by its practical moves and whether it makes them feel that the occupation is really over, and the country is acquiring independence."

On Monday, June 28, sovereignty was officially handed over from the interim coalition administration to the Iraqi interim government.

"An important step has been made to implement Resolution 1546 of the UN Security Council, which mapped out major parameters of political settlement in Iraq, and above all, the end of the occupation and restoration of sovereignty," the statement reads.

The Russian foreign ministry noted that "from the beginning of the Iraqi crisis, Russia resolutely and consistently promoted its political settlement in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, restoration of independence and preservation of territorial integrity of this country, provision of sovereignty and the right to use national natural resources."

"We have always associated Iraq's future with the formation of a peace-loving, stable and democratic country which would equally guarantee the rights of all its citizens regardless of their national or religious status. The road to this goal lies through consistent development of a political process on a broad representative basis with the UN's central role," said Alexander Yakovenko.

"In this context, Russia has forwarded the idea to convene an international conference on Iraq, which becomes increasingly important now that the country needs national reconciliation and support from the neighbouring countries and the world community as a whole. This support would be instrumental for the interim government," stressed the statement of the Russian foreign ministry's official spokesman.

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