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Patriarch lays wreath to Unknown Soldier's Tomb by Kremlin Wall

On Tuesday, June 22, the 63rd anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexis II laid a wreath to the tomb of Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin Wall. Cross-shaped wreath is made of natural flowers.

"Today is the day of mourning and memory. We recollect the beginning of the hardest war, which brought great losses to our country. Pray God the younger generation never sees what your fathers and grandfathers suffered. It is our duty to remember their feat with gratitude," the patriarch told honorary guards.

"You should be valiant Fatherland defenders and an example for the Russian army," Alexis II said thanking the soldiers for their participation in the ceremony.

After that, the patriarch and other clergymen said several prayers.

Archpriests of the Russian Orthodox Church, heads of Moscow churches and veterans of the Great Patriotic War took part in the ceremony.