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Special services liquidate workshop producing pirated video goods

Police and Federal Security Service (FSB) officers liquidated an illegal workshop producing pirated video goods on Sakhalin (a Russian island in the Pacific Ocean) as part of the Kontrafakt all-Russia special operation, the local interior affairs department told RIA Novosti on Saturday.

According to its data, a resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk produced pirated copies of feature films and cartoons in his apartment. A collection of erotic movies was seized, as well.

Licensed DVDs purchased in specialized shops were used as matrixes.

When policemen and FSB officers unexpectedly arrived, the video pirate denied his guilt saying that the seized DVDs and cassettes were for home use only.

However, according to the interior affairs department, 17 video tape recorders, 120 video players, 500 video cassettes and 120 DVDs worth 600,000 rubles ($1=29 rubles) were found in his apartment.