US needs Russia's moral, political support

'Russia has come to today's 'Big Eight' summit in a very strong position,' said Sergei Rogov, Director of the US/Canada Institute at a press conference on Tuesday, according to a Rosbalt correspondent.

According to Rogov, one year ago at the 'Big Eight' summit, the US President was riding high. 'He was the conqueror of Hussein,' emphasized Rogov. 'But today it is just the opposite. America is in a tough spot with the Iraq situation. Besides that, this fall Bush faces a difficult election campaign in which his chances for victory are not absolute.'

Rogov noted that the Russian president traveled to the US after his recent re-election, and he now has strong political and economic positions. 'A unique situation has emerged. Bush, who in the beginning treated this summit like the next stop on his pre-election campaign, is now forced to ask for help,' stressed Rogov. 'That is, today America needs Russia more than Russia needs America.

The political scientist explained that the US needs the moral and political support of Russia. 'The UN Security Council is considering a new Iraq resolution today,' he said. 'Americans, in preparing this document, made concessions to Russia and France that will return the Iraq situation to an international legal field. Moreover, the US agreed to Russia's suggestion for an international conference on Iraq.' In the words of Rogov, a year ago America commanded the entire world. Now the situation has changed and it must take into consideration its partners and ask for help.

In addition, underscored the US/Canada Institute's director, most of the members of the 'Big Eight' are petroleum exporters. 'And all of them are interested in Russia increasing its supply because the world market situation remains very difficult,' says Rogov.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team