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Most Russians assign priority to Russia's G8 membership

According to the poll released by the Public Opinion independent sociological fund, most Russians (78%) assign priority to Russia's G8 membership and only 5% consider the opposite.

The polling of 1,500 townsmen and countrymen was held in 100 settlements of 44 regions, territories and republics in all economic-geographic areas before the G8 summit in Georgia (USA). The polled were interviewed at their residences. The statistic error does not exceed 3.6%.

The polled were asked to prove their viewpoints.

Those who consider G8 membership important for Russia believe that the union with the world's strongest countries consolidates Russia's positions. According to 30% of the polled the membership adds to Russia's international importance and authority. Ten percent consider it honorary as G8 includes the world powers. G8 membership leads to closer and more productive cooperation between Russia and world powers in the fight against drug trafficking and international terrorism, the exchange of technologies and the adoption of important decisions in many spheres (10%). This should improve the economic situation in Russia and promote its prosperity and cooperation with other countries (7%).