Navigation to Chukotka starts

Navigation to Chukotka has opened. On Tuesday, the motor ship Brilliance was the first vessel to set off for the polar peninsula in northwestern Russia. It left from the Pacific port of Vladivostok.

The ship will bring 200 containers with food to the ports of Beringovsky, Provideniye and Lavrentiya, a spokesman for the press service of the Chukchi Autonomous Area told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

On June 7, the Brilliance is scheduled to arrive in the port of Beringovsky.

While the route is open, the amount of manufactured goods transported to the Chukchi Autonomous Area is expected to increase by 20%, and the amount of foodstuffs is expected to increase by nearly 15% in comparison with last year. The majority of foodstuffs, about 10,000 metric tons, will be brought to Chukotka from Vladivostok.

The amount of cargo going to Chukotka has been steadily growing for the past three seasons of the arctic navigation.

The deliveries to the polar peninsula are mainly by sea, only an insignificant part of them are brought by air.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team