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American motorcyclist Frederick Journoud arrives in Vladivostok

American Frederick Journoud, who is making a round-the-world trip on a motorcycle, has arrived in Vladivostok on Wednesday.

The trip started on April 5, 2004, he told RIA Novosti. In his words, the aim of his trip is to help children in North Africa, where he lived for several years and hence, is well familiar with the problems of this region of the world. During his trip, Journoud is raising money to help African children.

The route of the trip passes through the Far East, the Baikal area, Mongolia, Siberia, the Urals, Northern and Western Europe, a part of Africa, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Central American countries. In his words, the trip will end in 2005.

Journoud had been preparing for the trip for several years.

Frederick Journoud, 37, is a Frenchman, but lives in the USA. He is a diplomaed computer expert.

He set off on his trip on a motorcycle with a built-in video camera, which automatically shoots the whole route. In the future, he plans to make a film about his trip.