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Moscow and Seoul satisfied with development of bilateral relations

Igor Ivanov, the secretary of Russia's Security Council, discussed bilateral relations with Ban Ki Moon, South Korea's foreign minister. Mr. Ban is visiting Moscow.

"We highly value the level of cooperation that our countries have attained in the past few years," Mr. Ivanov said at the meeting.

"Through joint efforts we managed to impart the character of mutually advantageous partnership to these relations," he said.

Mr. Ivanov expressed interest in the development "of this partnership in all the spheres of mutual interest."

"This partnership yields real fruit to both Russia and the Republic of Korea," he noted.

In this connection, Mr. Ivanov noted the growth of goods turnover between the two countries, as well as "good interaction in the international arena specifically concerning Korea's problems."

"We hope that constructive talks will be held that will help us synchronize our watches on international problems and be a preparation for a regular summit meeting of our countries' leaders."

Mr. Ban said that he hoped Mr. Ivanov's vast experience as Russia's foreign minister would advance interaction for the benefit of peace and cooperation at his new post.

Mr. Ban said that he intended to discuss concrete issues to prepare a visit for South Korea's president to Russia, as he did on Monday during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. "We expect you to make your own contribution to this visit's success," the South Korean minister stressed.