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South Ossetia wants to be part of Russia

The goal of South Ossetia is to become part of the Russian Federation. This news, as reported by a Rosbalt correspondent, was declared on Sunday by the president of the self-proclaimed republic, Eduard Kokoita.

He also noted that Georgian President Michael Saakashvili has 'more moral authority to count on the success of the negotiation process than Shevardnadze had.' But, underscored Kokoita, 'during the last while militant speeches are coming from his lips, and moreover he has been perpetuating the memory of the ex-president of Georgia who launched the war with South Ossetia. Because of this, stressed Kokoita, Tskhinvali might judge the politics of Saakashvili 'as a continuation of Gamsakhurdia politics.' On Sunday elections for parliament were held in the self-proclaimed republic of South Ossetia. However, in Georgian villages scattered around the territory of the republic, elections will not be held, despite the fact that a 4-seat quota for Georgian delegates has been provided for in the parliament. 3 parties are competing in the elections: Pro-presidential Yedinstvo, the communist party and the people's (narodnaya) party. Observers from Pridnestrove, Abkhazia and North Ossetia are working in the republic.