US mission failure in Iraq to result in civil war

The failure of the US mission in Iraq will inevitably lead to a civil war in the country and destabilize the entire situation in the Middle East, head of the State Duma committee for international affairs Konstantin Kosachyov says.

"The desire to overthrow Hussein at any price, which was the true reason for the 2003 military operation, has not led to the expected success in ascertaining the principles of democracy after the overturn of the dictator's regime," he told RIA Novosti today.

The attempts of forced democratization with disregard for the realities of the East and without the UN leading role in the settlement of the situation in Iraq are resulting in the consolidation of all Iraqi forces around the common idea of resistance to the occupation forces," the Russian deputy says.

According to him, the US desire to force upon Iraq its simplified understanding of the future model of political settlement in Iraq within short time limits has made it impossible to resolve the main problem: to provide security for civilians and normalize the public situation in the country. "As a result, the coalition forces have to restrict democratic freedoms, namely, they have to restrict the activity of political forces. This is a moral and political impasse for Iraq and the international community, Mr. Kosachyov says.

He stressed that already today the role of liberators from the despotic regime in the eyes of the population is being transformed into the occupants' mission. That is why, in the deputy's opinion, the transfer of power to local authorities loyal to the USA scheduled for June will not get the support of most of the population.

Unless the coalition members consolidate all the layers of the Iraqi society and neighboring states, and also the international community with the UN leading role around the plan of peaceful settlement, the situation will get out of control. The USA will be for long drawn into a conflict similar to the Vietnam scenario with serious international and internal political consequences for the USA, the head of the State Duma committee for international affairs believes.

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