Analysts on reasons of Transvaal collapse

The Moscow Designers Union can not rule out the possibility of a propelled grenade having been fired at the Transvaal water park from nearby as the reason for the collapse of the building, its president Viktor Logvinov told journalists. The Moscow Designers Union will apply its request to the State Prosecutor's office for additional investigations. The Union insists on the version of "some strong external pressure directed at the collapsed column of the building", which caused the disaster. The Moscow Designers Union will also apply its request to the Academy of Architecture and Construction for independent investigations. Addressing the question why the videotape did not show any rocket, Logvinov said that its "speed might be too high to be recorded".

Chief designer and technical director of Kurortproject Nodar Kancheli also sees the possibility of an explosion at the site of Transvaal tragedy. Kancheli is one of the designers of the collapsed water park. "This column bore just 80 tons, and this is too small to cause its collapse," he stressed.

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