Russian authorities want to be tough in dealing with NATO

Former commander of Russian Air Force, general Anatoly Kornukov calls Russian authorities to be tough in dealing with NATO aircrafts which would appear near Russian borders after Baltic countries" joining the alliance, the Russia Journal said.

NATO gained seven new allies new Russian borders. "Because of NATO expanding we should apply tough policy, including tough measures to NATO aircrafts. If an aircraft violated the state border, it must be shoot down. International law allows this", said general Kornukov. "To begin with, the Baltic states should be reminded that good-neighbor relations have nothing to do with military aircrafts barraging along the neighboring country borders. They are flying not just for pleasure, they are likely to be well-armed".

Meanwhile, Russian State Duma scheduled special meeting of the Security Council of Russia with the situation on Russian borders after the NATO expansion on the agenda. According to Head of Duma Committee on International Relations Konstanin Kosachev, NATO had started "undertaking unfriendly step towards Russia".