Success of government: 8 million of beggarly Russians went into category of just poor

The number of Russians having profits less than living wage decreased from 31.2 to 23.1 million in the last quarter of 2003. By the beginning of 2004, 16.2 percent of Russians were earning less than living wage, State Statistical Committee reports. Russian government set the average living wage in the fourth quarter of 2003 as 2,143 roubles a month for one person (about $70). In the third quarter a Russian citizen could survive on 2,121 roubles. In comparison with the third quarter of 2003, living wage increased by one percent. The cost for a minimum set of foodstuff was 935 roubles, set of nonfoods cost 465 roubles, minimum set of services - 622 roubles. The living wage for a family of two working people in the fourth quarter was 4,682 roubles, for one worker and a child – 4,454 roubles, for two workers and one child – 6,795 roubles. Russian government sets the amount of the living wage every quarter basing on the data of State Statistical Committee and Ministry of Labor. According to the Federal Legislation, the living wage comprises the money equivalent of basket of goods containing minimum set of foodstuff, nonfoods and services, and also dues and fees.

Source: Information agencies

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