Yavlinsky rips Putin-Yeltsin 'System'

The system of oligarchic capitalism that took shape in the '90s has become entrenched under Putin. As reported by Rosbalt, that view was voiced at a press conference yesterday by Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the Yabloko party. The socio-political system of contemporary Russia, he said, is characterized by 'a merging of power and business, an absence of civilian control of the special services and armed structures, the political dependency of the media, parliament and judicial organs.'

The construction in Russia of a social government with a free economic market is impossible without the dismantling of this system, which Putin inherited from his predecessor, the leader of Yabloko is convinced. 'The difference between Putin and Yeltsin is more superficial than actual,' Yavlinsky believes. 'Vladimir Vladimirovich is younger, more businesslike and active and looks better than Boris Nikolayevich, and that is why Russians support him.'

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