Russian-US treaty on strategic offensive reductions to enter into force June 10

The Russian-US treaty on strategic offensive reductions is to enter into force today, June 10.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta publishes the text of the federal law "On Ratifying The Treaty On Strategic Offensive Reductions Between The Russian Federation and the United States Of America" today. This federal law shall therefore enter into force upon official publication.

The bilateral treaty on strategic offensive reductions was signed May 24, 2002 in Moscow.

According to its provisions, the Russian Federation shall maintain an adequate potential of its strategic nuclear forces needed to ensure this country's national security, with due account taken of the deployment of the NMD (National Missile Defense) system by the United States.

The afore-mentioned law calls for maintaining Russia's strategic nuclear forces in a state of combat readiness during any conceivable strategic-situation scenario; moreover, it stipulates the development of the required lab facilities, testing facilities, as well as production facilities.

Acting in line with this law, the President of the Russian Federation shall submit information about the main parameters of a program for the development of this country's strategic nuclear forces to both Federal Assembly (Parliament) houses not later than three months after the enactment of the treaty on strategic offensive reductions.

Acting in line with this federal law, the Government of the Russian Federation shall annually inform the Russian Parliament about the treaty's fulfilment. Among other things, it shall inform the Parliament about the deployment of ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) systems by other countries of the world, as well as possible threats to the Russian Federation's national security, if space weapons are deployed.

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