Maskhadov's tries attempt to remind the people of himself

The new threats of the leader of the Chechen separatists, Aslan Maskhadov, addressed to the federal forces in Chechnya, which were spread through the mass media, are another attempt to remind the people of himself, said official spokesman for the regional operational headquarters for controlling the anti-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus Ilya Shabalkin.

"The threats by Maskhadov and his associates to organise new operations again the federal forces in the summer period appear on video and audio tapes, on leaflets and in the Internet sites approximately once a month," noted Shabalkin.

According to him, at the present time, the separatists are unable "to do anything to the military facilities in Chechnya, all these threats are aimed in the first place against the civilians and those Chechens who are working in the law enforcement bodies of the republic." Ilya Shabalkin underscored that the latest terrorist acts in the republic have convincingly shown that "the main aim of the militants and their leaders is to destabilise the situation in Chechnya and to threaten the civilians in the republic." The day before, the head of the Public Relations Centre of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Colonel Sergei Ignatenko said that the main organisers of terrorist acts in the North Caucasus were Arab international terrorists Abu Omar Assey and Abu al-Walid.

According to the data of the Federal Security Service, Maskhadov is informed about the terrorist acts which will be committed. However, it is important for the Arab mercenaries to perform them in such a way that the image of Maskhadov remains unsoiled by his ties with international terrorists and their terrorist acts, said Sergei Ignatenko. For this purpose, the Arab mercenaries use Shamil Basayev as a cover. "Basayev takes upon himself the responsibility for terrorist acts, while Maskhadov plays the role of a mediator with the Western world," explained the head of the FSB regional operational headquarters.

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