Nuclear factor comes back into international relations

The nuclear factor is coming back into international relations, deputy of the State Duma of Russia Andrei Kokoshin said at a press conference in RIA Novosti.

According to him, "now, unlike in the 1990s, the strengthening of the nuclear factor compared is being observed". The deputy explained that this was linked to the participation of new subjects in the nuclear deterrence system. He pointed out that, in particular, tension between India and Pakistan breeds potential danger.

Relations between the USA and the so-called rogue countries also pose a threat to international nuclear stability. "In Washington there are people who seriously raise the question of pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against the countries allegedly supporting terrorism, as well as against the nuclear power installations at which, as they presume, nuclear weapons may be developed," the deputy noted.

He also pointed out that a "chain reaction" is now possible in a number of critical points of the system of international relations - if one of the states of a region gets nuclear arms its neighbours will right away try to do the same. This concerns, in particular, the Middle East, as well as the Korean Peninsula. In this connection Kokoshin recalled that Japan which is very much concerned with the nuclear programmes of North Korea "is technologically capable of developing nuclear weapons within several weeks." The deputy holds the view that in such a situation the role of the nuclear powers which are permanent members of the UN Security Council, first of all Russia and the USA, in settling the emerging issues by diplomatic means is extremely important.

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