Russia hopes US claims to Iran will not lead to conflict similar to Iraqi one

Russia hopes that US claims to Iran will not lead to a conflict similar to the one in Iraq. Russian Foreign Minster Igor Ivanov made this statement at a press conference in the Federation Council /the upper chamber of the Russian parliament/ on Wednesday.

"We have always been against interference into any country's affairs," he stressed.

When giving comments on Russia allegedly helping Iran create nuclear weapons, Ivanov stated that Russian-Iranian cooperation was developing "in strict compliance with international obligations," which had been repeatedly confirmed by IAEA inspectors working on the Iranian objects that were being built with Russia's participation.

"Therefore, there can be no claims to Russia in this respect," he stated.

According to Ivanov, Russia "has already repeated it to representatives from the USA and other countries who expressed their concern on the issue." "The best way to remove the fear is not to give any ultimatums," the Minister believes.

He also added that Russia's standpoint concerning non-proliferation of nuclear weapons "is quite clear and principal." Russia is against proliferation of mass destruction weapons, including nuclear weapons.

According to Ivanov, Russia "will actively cooperate with the international community in this direction."

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