Reinforcement of Russian Space Troops

About three thousand young military specialists will replenish the Russian Space Troops; this is much more than last year. A two-day tutorial session of the Russian Space Troops that ended on Thursday was devoted to a number of issues such as reception of specialists, their accommodation, and assistance to young families, the press service of the Russian Space Troops said.

"The situation in cantonments and garrisons depends on the good life of young officers from the first day of their service," Lieutenant-General Ivan Khomenko, Deputy Commander of the Russian Space Troops responsible for character building stressed in his speech. It is especially important for the Russian Space Troops in Middle Asia, Siberia, in the Russian Far East and in the extreme north. He pointed out that about 200 women councils worked in the Space Troops at all levels. "They work with more than 20,000 families of servicemen 4,000 of which live in the Russian Space Troops garrisons deployed in Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The task of councils is to maintain life of more than 8,000 young families, to work with more than 35,000 children in the Russian Space Troops garrisons as well as to assist servicewomen," Lieutenant-General Ivan Khomenko said.