In Arkhangelsk Region, Mystical Suicides Take Place

Several people committed suicides around one and the same time

There is something mystical about an incident that happened in the Russian city of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region. Two men committed suicide on Monday, April 7, at around midday, almost at the same time. Another man tried to hang himself at around the same period of time, although his wife managed to take him down and save him.

Two women cut their wrists almost at the identical moment on April 8 (the two women did not know of each other’s existence; they lived in opposite parts of the city). In addition, a young man and a young girl (who also did not know each other) tried to take poison yesterday.

Doctors have also made statements about the deaths of two men who hung themselves on Monday. The two men lived on different streets, although their apartment buildings had the same number - 12. This appears to be rather mystical as well.

Local police officers also have another riddle to deal with: There have been six incidents of swindling connected with cheating elderly people. Six such incidents occurred in the city in the last two months. The second one took place as follows:

On April 7, two women rang the bell of an apartment in which an 84-year-old lady was living. The woman lived on Karl Marx Street, Building 20. The two women introduced themselves as employees of the social department of the Severodvinsk city administration, and the old woman let one of them come in. The woman asked the elderly woman for her passport details, as well as for the number of her veteran's certificate. The old woman had to go to another room to get the documents, while an "employee of the social department" stole 10 thousand rubles from her hiding-place. She discovered that her money was missing only on April 8, almost 24 hours after the woman left her apartment.

An earlier such incident like took place a month ago, on March 8. A man rang the bell of an apartment in which a 82-year-old woman was residing. He also introduced himself as an employee of the social department of Severodvinsk's city administration. The woman went into another room to get her passport, while the man stole 40 thousand rubles that she and her husband (a disabled person) has saved. On other occasions, the man had entered elderly people’s apartments posing as a "sanitary technician."

It is a real challenge for Severodvinsk police officers to trace such fraudsters, for the victims of their crimes are all elderly people who can hardly remember anything. However, all the city's criminal investigation department services are doing their best to detain the swindlers.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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