Rumsfeld Compares Lenin to Hitler

Donald Rumsfeld today proclaimed that Saddam Hussein will join others in the annals of the history books as a failed dictator, naming "Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Ceausescu".

For Donald Rumsfeld's information, Vladimir Ulyanov came to power on a message of "bread and peace", setting in motion a process which was to bring a Medieval state to the front line of development and give to an oppressed, illiterate population with a near to zero chance of social mobility every opportunity for a good education, a guaranteed job, house, retirement pension, food, vodka, health care and cultural and sports opportunities second to none.

Vladimir Ulyanov set in motion a process which sees the Russian people today as well or better prepared than their peers abroad to perform any job anywhere on earth.

Vladimir Ulyanov set in motion the mechanism to create the Soviet Union, which heroically defeated the fascist forces of Hitler, who Rumsfeld mentions in the same breath as Lenin, which lost 20,000,000 of its souls and whose armed forces, under Stalin, who Rumsfeld also mentions in the same breath, killed 90% of all German soldiers in the war.

That everything was not perfect in Vladimir Ulyanov's Russia is patently clear. However, to compare him to Hitler is wholly inappropriate and demonstrates a degree of arrogance and ignorance shocking in a person at the political level which Rumsfeld has somehow attained.

At least Vladimir Ulyanov did not flout international law and launch a murderous campaign against a sovereign nation, massacring civilians, leaving women and children without limbs. Maybe Rumsfeld forgot to add Bush to the list. For Rumsfeld's information, Lenin was Vladimir Ulyanov's pseudonym.

If Rumsfeld compares Lenin to Hitler, maybe we should compare Bush to Genghis Khan and Rumsfeld himself to Jabba the Hutt.


Picture: Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin)

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