Spies From the Future

Disputes about existence of UFO seem to be endless. Some people strongly believe UFOs are a mere fiction. However, information about UFO appearance was registered in centuries-old documents. In our time, the number of reports from witnesses of unidentified flying objects considerably increased after WWII.

When the information was analyzed, it became clear that UFOs appear not in accidental places but in those connected with some accidents or events (after the Hiroshima nuclear blast; in places where volcanoes erupt or earthquakes strike, etc). There are several hypotheses explaining origin of UFO. One of them is based upon results obtained during scientific experiments.

The physics department in the Cologne University is Europe's only scientific division that studies time. Early in December 1998, two German professors studied the tunnel effect and registered that elementary particles exceeded the velocity of light five times. The Discovery popular scientific TV program broadcast a documentary about the experiment in September 1998. Why doesn't scientific press report about the results obtained in the experiment while they are essential for further physics development and for studies of the Universe? Is it possible that money and politics have once again interfered into the problem?

The German physicians demonstrated that in fact we know still very little about the world we are live in. There are events occurring around us, and although we have no notion about these events they still have considerable influence upon us.

If there can be some speed exceeding the velocity of light, it means that travels "beyond time" are also possible. Thus, UFO can be space ships built by our descendants; they come to visit us from the future. Is it possible? To answer the question we should get back to thousands of years. In Ancient Egypt pagan priests were obliged to register everything they witnessed and everything they considered important to be further handed over to descendants. One of the manuscripts from the teaching of the Pharaoh's army says: "…in the desert several discs landed not far from us, they were shining like the sun, but flew away very soon." Records similar to this were also made in the Middle Ages. Ancient artists depicted strange discs on their pictures. The scientists compared the descriptions and made a conclusion that the form of unidentified flying objects didn't change since the old times. Can they be the same UFOs that come to Earth nowadays? Besides the physics principles there is also technological progress that we come across every day. It is easy to tell TV sets or cars produced in the 1950s from modern ones. Technics are changing rapidly. Then you can ask why the technological progress has had no effect on UFOs. Probably, it's true that UFO flights are actually visits of our distant descendants.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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