War crimes: The Evidence

Numerous cases of the destruction of non-military targets by US/UK military forces inside Iraq and outside the auspices of the UNO have been cited by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, passed to Pravda.Ru through its Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

In the documentation, it is claimed that there is evidence, confirmed by independent sources, that civilian’s homes have been targeted by weapons systems, that markets have been bombed, that food warehouses have been targeted, public service centres destroyed, along with medicine depots, ambulances, hospitals, emergency vehicle centres, water treatment plants, electricity supply equipment and communication centres.

These barbaric attacks have caused the civilian population serious hardship and are compared by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to “the barbaric Mongols which destroyed civilizations and used to assassinate people without any reason or moral justification”.

“The only classification we can give to this act of aggression is genocide against the Iraqi people”, continues the document, which calls on the international community to stop the war and bring the war criminals to justice for genocide and war crimes.