Russian MP Believes Russian Oil Companies Have Small Chances in Post-War Iraq

The chances of Russian oil companies to participate in oil production in post-war Iraq are small, said leader of the parliamentary group for co-operation with the US Congress Vladimir Ryzhkov at a press conference in RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

"If the coalition wins a victory in Iraq, the priorities will definitely be given to American and British oil companies, while companies from Russia and France will be the last on the list," he pointed out. Moreover, Russian oil companies will not be able to compete with the leading US and British enterprises, Ryzhkov believes.

Russia, too, has small chances to receive its $8 million-debt from post-war Iraq, the parliamentarian said. Iraq's total foreign debt amounts to $145 million, according to his information.

After the coalition's victory, the main part of the debt will be written off, and the repayment of the rest will take a long time.