Russia's economic growth unstable

Russia's economic growth is not stable, Presidential Economic Advisor Andrey Illarionov declared at today's international conference devoted to the modernization of the Russian economy. According to specialists, in 2001 a decrease in industrial production was during a 2-month period, while in 2002 it was over a 6-month period. The number of the unemployed has stopped reducing, the official stressed. Moreover, the death rate has been growing and the average life expectancy dropped from 66.6 years in 1998 to 64.8 years in 2002.

Illarionov thinks that the major contribution in Russia's economic growth was "a unique favorable external economic conjuncture, in particular, the growth in prices on Russian exports and the decrease in prices on imports". The contribution of external factors has been 7-9 percent of the GDP over the past few years, while the contribution of internal factors has been negative, which has influenced economic growth, Illarionov stressed.