Russian Scientists Slate Official Medicine - 2 April, 2003 - News

PRAVDA.Ru already reported about a group of Russian specialists working under the guidance of Svetlana Kasatkina; the scientists developed a unique method of prophylaxis of diabetes and many cardiovascular diseases. The group suggested to grant the method to the state absolutely free of charge.

In 1997 a symposium on treatment of diabetes was held; a specialist of Kasatkina’s group made a statement saying that many forms of diabetes could be cured, even including those forms of diabetes when patients depend on insulin (the disease was called insulin-depending diabetes at that time). It was also stated that preventive measures could be taken against any type of diabetes and complications of the disease could be averted. It’s possible with development of new capillaries in the heart and in the skeleton muscles, due to development of intracellular structures where energy is generated from carbons. This part of the method is easy of understanding. The more energy is produced from glucose in the body, the less glucose remains in the blood. It was declared for the first time that there was equipment capable of making changes in different tissues which would further develop carbohydrate exchange and cure of some types of diabetes.

Reaction of participants of the symposium to the information varied: some were ecstatic about the statement, but some doctors and insulin producers had a fit of hysterics. And specialists from the Russian group working on diabetes problems met such reaction of their opponents many times since the 1997 symposium.

The International Diabetes Federation has confirmed recently that the most widespread kind of diabetes, diabetes of type 2, can be prevented and initial stages of the disease are reversible. This information turned out to be a real sensation for all people suffering from diabetes; however, the sensation was confirmed by both presidents of two Russian Diabetes Associations, the organizations competing with each other, in their interviews to different newspapers. President of one of the associations, M.Bogomolov said in an interview to PRAVDA.Ru correspondent with respect to the type 2 diabetes: “It’s possible not only to take preventive measures against the disease, but majority of its initial stages, 95-96% approximately, are reversible.”

His colleague A.Ignatkov confirmed this fact in an interview to the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya pravda on November 13, 2002; he said that diabetes of type 2 could be cured in its initial stages.

Thus, the statement made by the group of Russian specialists guided by Svetlana Kasatkina concerning the type 2 diabetes has been confirmed by international and domestic specialists. The authors of the new method are sure that the possibility of prophylaxis and treatment of diabetes of type 1 will be confirmed in several years.

For reference: 85-90% of the diseased suffer from diabetes of type 2. Diabetes entails such complications as loss of sight, amputation of legs or arms, kidney failures and abnormality of the cardiovascular system. But on the whole, all organs suffer when a man is affected with diabetes. Experts of the World Health Organization think that diabetes is a disease rated first among diseases making people invalids and third among diseases with lethal outcome. People suffering from diabetes die of heart diseases and heart attacks 2-3 times oftener than other people, instances when they lose their sight are ten times oftener as compared with the rest of the population. Such patients undergo amputations 20 times oftener than other people. Over one billion of dollars is spent on diabetes curing in Russia while the sum makes up over 300 billion dollars in the USA.

A recently held poll among people suffering from diabetes revealed that they scarcely knew about the causes of diabetes development, they didn’t know that diabetes of type 2 could be cured in its initial stage. Official medicine conceals this fact which allows to suspect the domestic medicine of coalescence with foreign medicine producers (over 90% of insulin is imported to Russia); unfortunately, interests of medicine producers often disagree with interests of ordinary people, healthy or diseased. That is why, the World Health Organization says, the number of people suffering from diabetes will double in 15 years.

In order to avert the sad forecast, PRAVDA.Ru is going to publish information about the causes of diabetes development from the first booklet on diabetes curing that was ever published in the world.

With the usage of its scientific potential, Russia may stop being only a source of raw stuff for economically developed countries. If the government pays attention to scientific suggestions, verifies their effectiveness and puts into practice sports and medical components of the new method of diabetes treatment, this may save lives to hundreds of people. What is more, this new method may return interest to the state which may be bigger than the total income earned with dealing in weapons, gas and oil. Diabetes cure is still one of the most expensive, but still unsettled problem all over the world.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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