Putin Appoints General to Control State Defense Order

President Putin ruled to establish a new department

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to deal with the entire defense industry of the country yesterday, which was the first day of spring conscription in Russia, as well as the Fool’s Day. To put it short, the president said that out loud that one can not go on living like that. The new department is to specify the way, how the Russian defense industry is supposed to live now.

The Russian president signed an order, pursuant to which the Russian Federation State Committee for Defense Order was established. The new department was organized with a goal to amend the activity connected with state defense order forming and placing. The new department is attached to the Russian Defense Ministry.

As the signed document runs, the State Committee for defense order will be in charge of the state defense order – a treasure for all military dictators and a hope for millions of defense industry workers. The document particularly runs: “The state defense order provides: the joint state policy in the field of development, production and unification of arms and defense technologies of the general purpose; the coordination of federal executive power bodies for the execution of the state defense order; the fulfillment of orders for the development, production and delivery of arms and defense technologies of the general purpose to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; scientific research for the development of the mentioned arms and defense technologies.

President Putin appointed General Vladimir Matyukhin for the position of the chairman of the State Committee for defense order.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov