The Mystical Side of the Iraqi War

Four omens predict grand political, financial, economic changes in the world

As it is well known, people are drawn to notice mysterious signs and omens before a war or a grand global event happens. One may argue about mysticism forever, although omens surprisingly become true.

A hundred days before American President George W. Bush presented his ultimatum to Saddam Hussein (March 17th), which was December 6th last year, the American finance minister and the presidential economic adviser resigned from the American government on the threshold of economic and political priority changes. Another event happened the same day, although it was hardly noticed by media outlets. A small private jet slammed into the building of the Federal Reserve Bank. The pilot of the plane died. The FBI soon announced that the tragedy was incidental. Probably, it was really so. However, that was the first omen, which predicted the US dollar demise. Furthermore, the accident happened in the sun eclipse orbit (December 4th). The system analysis of rhythmical factors allows to calculate, when dollar is going to crash. We believe that the first vestige of the coming crash of the American currency will occur in hundred days – in July of the current year. More important events will happen to US dollar in August and September of the current year. It will not be the total collapse of the global dollar system (it will happen in two or three years), but dollar will lose 20 or 30% of its value.

Further events, which are going to happen with the American currency, are possible to be calculated with the use of ancient astrologers’ methods – the range of lunar groups, eclipses of December 4th, 2002: this is the period of May-June of 2004 and February-March of 2005.

The tragedy with the Shuttle of Columbia (February 1) took place about fifty days before the launch of the army operation in Iraq. The catastrophe happened around the new moon period, like the first eclipse (December 6th of the past year). A lot of people noticed something mystical about the shuttle crash. For example, the shuttle blew up above George W. Bush’s home state - Texas. The shuttle with the first Israeli astronaut on board went to pieces not far from a small Texan town of Palestine. To crown it all, the Israeli astronaut took a direct part in the operation that was conducted by the Israeli Air Force in 1981 – to destroy a nuclear reactor in Iraq. He also participated in other actions of the Israeli aviation in the Middle East. The Russian space giant Rosaviacosmos paid attention to the fact that the shuttle did not fly to the International Space Station. Columbia was meant to conduct technical and technological experiments in space. The Russian space company did not rule out that some of those experiments were conducted according to the Pentagon’s program that was connected with the operation against Iraq. Furthermore, specialists compared the shuttle’s crash with the explosion of a chemical bomb on the territory of the United States, and which is desperately sought for in Iraq. Certain calculations of lunar groups of the February new moon tragedy allow to predict shocking events that might occur in the United State and in Israel during September-October of the current year, as well as between June-July of 2004, and March-April of 2005.

Another weird event happened in the United States on February 28th, 20 days before the war in Iraq began. This time period is very close to the new moon again. A lightning hit Florida governor Jeb Bush’s plane and made a whole in its wing. There were seven people on board the plane, none of them was injured. The jet successfully landed at its destination airport, where the governor boarded another plane and left for Miami Beach. As Jeb Bush (George W. Bush’s brother) said, he was not frightened with the incident at all. Alia Faraj, the governor advisor, was sitting next to the Florida governor, and she was scared of the lightning a lot. As Jeb Bush stated, she was paralyzed. Since it goes about mystical coincidences, it is worth mentioning that Jewish Alia would be scared and paralyzed in Israel too. However, this omen predicted Israel (USA’s junior brother) that the Iraqi war would not be a disaster for the Jewish state, although it would clip its wings . Indeed, if the American administration manages to win the war (nobody has any doubts about it) and to set up a loyal pro-American regime in Iraq, Israel and its problems will be pushed into the background for the USA. Moreover, Israel might become an annoying obstacle for the American new policy in the Middle East.

Lunar groups of this omen allow to predict severe problems for Israel (and for the United States) for the period of November-December of the current year, as well as for July-August of 2004, April-May of 2005. This period will be dangerous for George W. Bush and for his family.

Preparations for the military operation in Iraq were also accompanied with mystical coincidences. The fourth omen was given for America on March 19th, when the largest blast of the year was registered on the Sun. As the Russian NTV network reported with reference to the Institute of Earth magnetism, the blast was accompanied with a tremendous radiation outburst. Electromagnetic waves of that blast reached planet Earth on March 19th. Scientists said that they might cause powerful geomagnetic storms in the near-Earth space environment. Specialists say that such a strong activity of the sun precedes grand tragedies and catastrophes. To crown it all, the blast on the sun took place at the time, when a lot of people were infected with the previously unknown pneumonia virus.

This omen (the blast on the sun) took place around the full moon period (March 18th). It belongs to the lunar group, which springs from the middle of September of 2001 – right after 9/11 acts of terrorism in the United States. This logic means that the next stage of the lunar group will happen in December of the current year. The war in Iraq will not be limited to Iraq only.

As it can be seen, all omens show the period from August to December of 2002, from May to August of 2004 and from April to May of 2005 – grand military, political, economic and financial changes in the world.

B.Romanov Petersburg Forecasts


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov