George W. Bush: We Bring Freedom to Iraqi People

Smart American missiles hit market places and houses

The American president and the officials of his milieu keep repeating certain phrases over and over again every day. The point of those phrases can be shortly characterized as follows: “we bring freedom to the people of Iraq,” or “the operation proceeds successfully.” Anyway, the point of the war is already clear: Iraqi and American soldiers give away their lives for the Messiah of the incumbent American leadership.

The precise number of killed Iraqi soldiers is not known. Official Iraqi authorities report that dozens of Iraqi people (presumably elderly people, women and children) die on a daily basis. One does not have to doubt that the number of casualties counts hundreds, if not thousands of people. Reporters that work in Iraqi towns say that air raids become more and more intensive.

Fifty-six Iraqis were killed and over 400 were wounded yesterday as a result of the bombardment. Twenty-four civilians were killed and 25 were wounded in Baghdad (19 people died overnight and five were killed in the morning). Eighteen Iraqi citizens were injured today in the province of al-Kasidiya. Two Iraqi men were killed and five were wounded in the province of al-Anbar. Seventeen people were wounded in at-Tamim province. Thirty-three civilians died in the province of Babil (Babylon).

The troops of the anti-Iraqi coalition suffer losses as well. One shall assume that those losses are rather considerable, although it is very hard to find out the true information about it. According to the official information almost 70 American and British soldiers died as a result of the army operation in Iraq. Unofficial information provides another figure – 200-250 servicemen. site has a page, which contains the information about killed American and British soldiers. The majority of them is 19 or 20 years of age. Of course, Saddam Hussein is a dictator, and no one argues about it. However, when George W. Bush talks about the freedom for the Iraqi people, he does mention that “smart” missiles fall down on market places and houses. Try to put yourself on the place of a person, whose child was killed with “smart” bomb. Would you be grateful for this kind of freedom?

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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