Cryomedica, First Russian Stem Cells Bank Opens in Moscow

Cryomedica, the first Russian stem cells bank has opened in Moscow. As Rosbalt's reporter was told at Cryomedica, parents now have a chance to preserve their newborn children's stem cells. The protocol used by Cryomedica for the preparation and preservation of stem cells provides for preparing and storing over 4,000 units of umbilical blood. Cryomedica uses modern technologies and bases its methods on the experiences of similar banks in the US.

By the end of this year, the first USD 1 million portion of the total planned financing amount is expected to be invested in the Cryomedica bank of stem cells.

Paul Backer, Cryomedica's Director General, said that parents would make their own decisions as to preserving their children's stem cells in order to protect the future of their families. Formerly, the state could do whatever it pleased with human tissues - without asking the owners' permission or ever paying out any compensations.

Human stem cells are unique in that they can be transformed into cells of different types. They are an indispensable form of biological protection from over 60 fatal diseases and assure their owners access to the achievements of genetic therapies. The results of clinical tests done in Russia and abroad confirm the effectiveness of the use of these cells in the treatment of stroke, myocardium infarction, diabetes, neurological afflictions, and arthritis. They are also helpful when eyesight needs to be restored. Human stem cells have been used in over 2,000 organ transplants since the first such experience in France in 1988. The sphere of the medical use of stem cells is constantly growing.

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