Opinion: Kyoto Protocol Is Ineffective and Expensive

According to the opinion expressed at the 4th international conference entitled 'Russia's Participation in the Global Market Mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol' by Nikolai Ratsiborinsky, an Advisor of the Foreign Ministry of Russia, Kyoto Protocol is ineffective and expensive.

Mr. Ratsiborinsky said that the Kyoto Protocol had been created in order to use market mechanisms 'to force world economy to switch to expensive cleaner technologies'. 'Overall', he continued, ' this is an ineffective and expensive mechanism intended to offset our common misfortune.' He added that despite the fact that this protocol had been ratified by 106 countries, 'there is no global effect'. Over 70 its members are developing countries incapable of serious commitments and sticking with common as opposed to individual responsibility, which is nothing. Such giants as the US and Australia have abandoned the protocol. 'This does not mean', Mr. Ratsiborinsky said, 'that Russia must also stay away from the Kyoto Protocol. It means that our country should cooperate with the US, Australia and developing countries to improve the situation'.