Delegates of United Russia Congress Approve Party Manifesto

The delegates to the 2nd congress of the pro-Kremlin "United Russia" party held in Moscow approved the party's manifesto. The delegates voted unanimously in favour of the document titled "The Way of National Success". The manifesto indicates that the United Russia party is created "for a new national rise." The party "unites responsible political forces of the country while being the party of both parliamentary and national majority." The document stresses that the United Russia's ideology "proceeds from the indisputable value of human and state dignity, is based on the past and strives for the future." In addition, the delegates unanimously adopted amendments to the party's charter. From now on, the regional and local branches of the party will play a more important role and receive greater independence. Thus, 70% of the party's fees will remain in the regions and 40% of these funds will be allotted to development of the local party organisations.