Over 1000 Heavy Load Trucks Gathered at Polish-Belarussian Border

Over 1000 heavy-load trucks, the majority of which are due Russia, gathered in a 20 km-long queue in front of the customs terminal in Koroszczyn near the Belarussian city of Brest. Representative of the Polish customs chamber Barbara Korwin reported on Saturday that the waiting time at the border-crossing junction in this sector was about 48 hours. In previous days the waiting time in the queue in front of the Koroszczyn terminal was to be 30 hours and more. According to Korwin, "difficulties with handling cargo traffic were caused by the ongoing modernisation of roads at the terminal as well as by toughening of the customs control in connection with the Iraqi war." According to her, the fact that Belarussian customs officials were presently involved in moving to a new location in the terminal in Kozlovichi, also did not improve performance at this major border crossing point between Poland and Belarus.

The largest Belarussian border terminal at the western border in Kozlovichi is expected to start operating next Monday and that will significantly shorten waiting time in the customs control queue.