Search for Helicopter Crashed in Ussuri Bay near Vladivostok Continues

For a third day now the search for a missing military helicopter of the Russian Pacific fleet continues in the Ussuri bay, where the river Ussuri falls into the Sea of Japan.

Two most probable places of the crash have been determined, said the fleet headquarters on Saturday.

On Thursday, in the first 24 hours of search, the body of one crewman, Captain Andrei Korovin, was found and identified.

The fate of the crew commander Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Topyrychev, aircraft technician Captain Alexei Krasnoshchekov and military doctor's assistant Warrant Officer Renat Khamitov remains unknown.

The Ka-27PS ship-borne helicopter was performing a training flight from the Admiral Tributs big anti-submarine ship.

The helicopter performed two successful take-offs and two landings on and from the ship, which was then 10 miles off from the Russky island. The third ended in a tragedy.