Who Is Going to Be Chechnya’s President?

The date of the presidential election in Chechnya is not known yet

The presidential election in Chechnya is to take place in the republic not earlier than December 14th. This was said by the head of the Russian Central Electoral Committee Alexander Veshnyakov. This means that the election is to happen either together with the federal parliamentary elections, which are to take place the same day. The presidential election in Chechnya might also happen later than was officially said. It also might coincide with the presidential election in Russia – three months later, in March. Chechnya obtained the right to hold the presidential election as a result of the referendum that took place on March 23. Veshnyakov does not doubt that 88% of Chechen electors took part in the referendum.

The head of the Russian Central Electoral Committee has not said anything personal pertaining to the date of the presidential election in Chechnya. However, it is already clear the if the Chechen election takes place simultaneously with the Russian one, the candidate, who will enjoy Vladimir Putin’s support will bee the lucky winner.

At present moment, the head of the incumbent Chechen administration Akhmad Kadyrov is the Kremlin’s main candidate for the position of the Chechen president. That’s what Kadyrov says about himself. He started his own pre-election campaign without waiting for an official announcement of the election date. Akhmad Kadyrov believes that the election of the Chechen president is supposed to take place together with parliamentary elections. It is not known yet, what the Russian government thinks on the issue. The Kremlin’s own candidacy for the position of the Chechen president is not known either. At least, experts believe that Kadyrov's biography does not allow to guarantee his 100% loyalty to the federal center after his political goal of becoming the Chechen president is executed. If someone lies once, nobody believes this person after that.

Who is going to compete with Kadyrov? Chechen deputy Aslambek Aslakhanov says that up to 40 candidacies will join the competition for the presidential office: businessmen, bankers, officials. There is an opportunity that General Troshev (the former commander of Russian troops in the Caucasus) might also take part in the election. At least, he said that he would not turn such a suggestion down. Needless to mention that the general might be the major competition for Akhmad Kadyrov. However, the Kremlin might nominate other generals for the election of the Chechen president. They will be Chechen generals.

Military men will always be in demand in an unstable region. Other possible candidates for the post of the Chechen president are: presidential envoy for human rights in Chechnya, Abdul Sultygov, Federal Minister for Chechnya Stanislav Ilyasov. Ilyasov said that every adult person, whose reputation is not spotted with blood, can run for the position of the Chechen president. That’s a good remark to make.

On the photo: Akhmad Kadyrov

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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