International Federation of Journalists Condemns Attack on TV Station

The illegal attack by the US/UK coalition reaches more and more monstrous proportions as each day goes by. On Tuesday night, the Iraqi TV Station was attacked in an air raid, against the rules of war and against the notion that freedom of expression is a fundamental right.

The attack interrupted the broadcast from the Iraqi State TV station for some hours, until it was repaired by Iraqi engineers. Aidan White, the Secretary-General of the IFJ, declared that the reason for this attack was “unacceptable”, this being that the TV Station was an important organism which the regime used to its advantage.

Aidan White said that this attack was perpetrated to prevent the leadership from communicating with the people and was part of “psychological warfare, in which journalists and the means of communication are the victims” adding that “The morale of the population is not a legitimate military target”.

Remembering the illegal attack on the Serbian TV and Radio station in Belgrade three years ago, Aidan White declared that “Once again we see the military and political leaders of the democratic world launching an attack on a TV station simply because they do not like the message it broadcasts”.

It is clear that Washington is becoming frustrated since its 72-hour blitzkrieg did not result, the south of Iraq which was supposed to revolt stands firm, the Iraqi army proves itself to be far more resolute than expected and the Republican Guard is putting up fierce resistance.

The resolve of the Iraqi people to stand together and defend their president is probably stronger than ever before. With 100% domination in the air, the gloating by military analysts about the progress made is ridiculous. This is carnage, this is murder, these are war crimes in this illegal attack on a sovereign nation.


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Author`s name: Editorial Team