Russian Scientists Defeat Epilepsy

Five years of hard work and research were over with a brilliant discovery

St.Petersburg-based professor Alla Shandurina discovered that a certain influence that is shown on hereditary structures in a human brain allows to get rid of programmed pathologies. A human brain is as vast as the universe. This phrase was said by Russian academician Natalia Bekhtereva, one of the largest brain specialists in the world. There can not be any analogy found to give an impression of the unbelievably complicated system of cause-and-effect relation between a brain and other parts of a human body. Brain can also cause pathological errors for the activity of this or that human organ, if an adequate part of brain is deteriorated. Scientists of the whole world try to determine those parts of a human brain in order to help it function normally in case an error occurs. This will help to cure a lot of diseases.

Exposing deteriorated brain parts to electric impulses is one of the ways to achieve that. This method was developed by Natalia Bekhtereva. The method is about sticking gold electrons in those brain parts and running electric current though them. Weird things can bee seen in the St.Petersburg Institute of Brain. Walking along the corridors of the building, one may see a patient with his head in bondage and numerous golden wires sticking out of it. Such people look like aliens. Professor Alla Shandurina decided to continue Natalia Bekhtereva's research of the brain.

Alla Shandurina’s group of researchers conducted expensive neurophysiological, biochemical and psychological research to develop unique methods to retrieve abilities that people lose as a result of an injury or a trauma. The traditional medicine gave up those opportunities, although Alla Shandurina’s scientists make a human brain bring back the lost eyesight, hearing to its owner, as well as correct body movement, speech, memory and intellect. The list has been recently added with another entry – epilepsy.

It took Alla Shandurina’s center five years to achieve progress in the epilepsy study. Epilepsy is a hereditary ailment, which is often inherited from a distant relative, not from parents. A lot of brain cells die at serious forms of epilepsy, which eventually results in memory disturbance, intellect decrease, and even personality change. Researchers managed to cope with side effects first: they learned how to retrieve memory and increase intellect.

A lot of gifted people suffered from epilepsy – Cesar, Napoleon, Peter the Great, Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Every five or six people of one thousand suffer from epilepsy in large industrial centers. Professor Shandurina said that epilepsy might occur in the form of psycho-sensitive attacks, without any cramps. The number of epilepsy sick people has been growing for the past few years. This is basically connected with unfavorable ecological conditions, increased stresses, cranial injuries, which happen as a result of car accidents, or local armed conflicts. This makes it clear, how to fight the pathology, taking into consideration the fact that the ailment basically strikes children and young people. The traditional medicine was unable to fight the disease. There have been a lot of anti-epileptic drugs invented, although none of hem (not even a combination of them) helps a patient a lot. Moreover, long-standing treatment results in numerous side effects on account of intoxication. To crown it all, it is impossible to prescribe an adequate therapy to fifteen or twenty percent of patients. Surgery can hardly bring any good: a scalpel is a rather tough tool to apply on subtly-organized brain structures. Even if doctors manage to remove an epileptic center from a brain, another one comes up there again some time later. Needless to mention that it is extremely dangerous to operate one and the same person over and over again.

Natalia Bekhtereva’s method (reorganization of brain structures activities with the help of electric impulses) turned out to be the most efficient one. However, there is a down side to that method as well. Sometimes it happens that doctors can not make patients’ brain sections function correctly. Such patients have to undergo another treatment like that later. This means that there will be more holes drilled in a skull. Alla Shandurina’s group of scientists tried to find a way for avoiding such an unpleasant opportunity. Five years of hard work were over with a brilliant discovery. Doctors do not put golden electrodes in a cranium, they just put electrodes on it. This is very easy and there is no pain at all. Patients can have as many treatments as they wish in this case.

“We managed to identify all action current parameters that brain sections radiate. After that we expose them with electric impulses that have the same operation factors. One may say that we deceive the brain: it takes our impulses for the ones of its own, and intensifies its operation in the needed direction. This is the peculiar feature of our method. The method is meant to activate certain brain sections, which hinder the development of epilepsy. Natural internal resources of a brain get activated, which makes previously inactive neurons work normally. This raises the brain’s ability to fight the pathology. Radiation regimes are individual for each patient. We have not registered any complications or side effects, the efficiency of the method is 95%. We have already tested that on 300 patients, a lot of them were hopeless. This treatment can be performed at a patient’s home, which is very important too. There is only one restriction stipulated at that: no alcohol at all,” professor Shandurina said.

We have to add that professor Shandurina’s method is vindicated with three patents of the Russian Federation. This method does not have any efficiency analogues in the world.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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