Russian Foreign Minister Admits That Situation Around Iraq Can Speed up UN Reform

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov admits that the situation around Iraq can speed up the United Nations reform.

While addressing on Wednesday the Federation Council (the Russian parliament's upper house), Ivanov said that Moscow believed such reform was necessary.

"However, in order to be implemented, the reform must be supported by the overwhelming majority of the Security Council member states," Ivanov said. Otherwise, the United Nation could simply be split.

"We believe that the UN Security Council can and must be enlarged to reflect the real balance of forces in the world. But at the same time, such enlargement must be limited for the Security Council to remain an efficient working body," the minister pointed out.

Ivanov said that five states are proposed to become new permanent members of the Security Council. Russia has already supported the candidatures of Germany, Japan, and India.

According to Ivanov, the leading countries, members of the G-8 along with states of Asia, Africa and Latin America must be represented in the Security Council.

According to the Russian foreign minister, it is regretful that this process is so slow. In particular, the European countries cannot agree that Germany must be their representative. There is an idea that Europe should be represented in the Security Council by rotation, Ivanov said. "The discussion is underway, and it is complicated, as there are a lot of states and different interests. But it is evident that the reform is necessary," the minister concluded.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team