China Shows Interest in Kaliningrad Region

A delegation from the Chinese province of Heilongjiang will arrive in the Kaliningrad Region tomorrow, headed by deputy head of the government Van Liminem. As a Rosbalt correspondent was told by the regional administration, the delegation also features several businessmen.

The guests from China hope to get acquainted with the economy of the Kaliningrad Region during their three-day visit. Meetings have been planned with Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Vladimir Yegorov, members of the local administration, the customs and tax bodies, the Chamber of Commerce and local business representatives. The Chinese delegation is also interested in several local shops, specializing in household appliances, food products and amber products. They want to visit the Telebalt assembly plant, where a third of all Russian televisions are produced, and the Quartz factory, which is famous for its advanced technology and whose services are widely used by Samsung.

Finally, the Chinese delegation will give a presentation of the Harbin trade and industry fair.