Will American Administration Declare War on Russia?

US officials think that Russia is guilty of their unsuccessful war

It is obvious today that the war in Iraq is not the kind of war that the American administration was intended to have. The strong resistance that Iraqi troops showed, Iraqi ABM systems and anti-tank facilities turned out to be an unexpected surprise for Americans.

As the American administration believed, the war turned out to be difficult on account of the fact that the Russian defense industry delivered anti-tank missiles to Iraq via third countries. As it was said, the Russian defense industry also supplied Iraq with night vision devices, and unique Kolchuga anti-missile systems. The US administration determined that Russia delivered those weapons to Iraq several days before the war was launched. The official note of protest on the part of the US Department of State was based on those illegal deliveries. The note of protest was handed over to the Russian ambassador to the USA, Yury Ushakov.

The Russian government did not ignore USA’s threats (in the form of certain statements) to punish Russia for arms deliveries. The Russian leadership realizes that the war menace is approaching the country. According to the information from competent military sources, the navy command finished checking the alertness of anti-submarine facilities of naval troops in Kamchatka. Military exercises were conducted in admirals’ presence. Diesel submarines of the Russian navy performed basic military exercises at sea. The order for battleships to travel to the Indian Ocean and to the Persian Gulf was called off.

Military units of the Russian Far East get ready for possible border conflicts. It seems that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Russia, President Vladimir Putin, realizes the anti-Russian essence of America’s aggressive aspiration. Putin takes measures to strengthen the alertness of Russian troops at the border territory. The Russian army and navy command held a secret session in Moscow yesterday, at which military high-ranking officials considered possible variants for the Mideast situation to develop. American spy planes have been conducting aerial reconnaissance at Russia’s borders for several days already.

Colonel-General Valery Manilov, a member of the Federation Council from the Primorye region, said in his interview to Echo of Moscow radio station: “The decision to start the war on Iraq is a big mistake that the United States made. America gave an incentive for the rest of the world to unite in the anti-American coalition. It is obvious from the diplomatic point of view that no country in the whole world will wish to live and watch Americans using the military force whenever they want and like it to use. The world community will have to consolidate its military, political, economic, technical resources in order not to allow that to happen. The process is under way already. This is a unique moment, for it never happened before, not even during the USA’s bombing of Yugoslavia. The world will have to unite and find a format to restrain America, the country, which opposed itself to the whole world.”

On the other hand, the beginning of the war is a drama for the USA itself. This is likely to provoke the collapse of the antiterrorist coalition, terrorist activities in the USA and in Great Britain might increase, arms race is likely to speed up, including the weapons of mass destruction race. Ecological catastrophes are likely to happen in the world as well. Before opposing the whole world, the United States and Great Britain made desperate steps to strengthen their activities for winning UN Security Council members and the world community over to their side. This means that George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice did their best not to let the USA have an aggressive image for the world community. The American administration suffered a diplomatic failure. Cheap and high-quality Iraqi oil is the prime goal of the game. Americans hope that the oil will allow them to settle their economic and financial issues. However, the price of that oil will be unacceptable for the USA. America’s image as a safe, stable and powerful country has been ruined. At present moment, the world perceives the USA as a country that is ready to disregard the opinion of the world for the sake of its own interests only. A large number of victims is not an issue at all.

Thousands of lives will have to be wasted for such hypothetical takeover of the Iraqi oil. Those lives will be the lives of American people too. As they say, if you sow wind you will rip a storm. The inferiority complex might also be a reason why the war began. This complex has been tormenting President Bush and his team – the people, who did not get to overthrow Saddam in 1991. Those people try to get rid of their complexes, including the September 11th complex, with the help of the military force. The inevitable failure of the incumbent American administration will be the result of that. You can conquer with bayonets, but you can’t sit on them.

Vasily Buslayev Daily News Vladivostok


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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