Duma Can Consider Amnesty for Some Members of Chechen Illegal Band Formations

The State Duma can consider an amnesty for some members of Chechen illegal bandit formations, said head of the State Duma international committee and Russia's PACE delegation Dmitri Rogozin.

"The State Duma is ready for any measures /including an amnesty/ if they are efficient for establishing peace and security in Chechnya," Rogozin stated answering journalists' questions.

In Chechnya "there are not only international terrorists, but also home-bred extremists, whose extremism is based on separatism or religious intolerance", he said.

There is also a third group including "those, who were possibly involved in this massacre against their will, those whose relatives were killed," according to the deputy.

"If an amnesty helps these people return to normal life, the State Duma can consider this measure for those, who did not commit any grave crimes, with their only crime being passive involvement in illegal armed formations".