Leading Russian Politician Dismisses US Allegations of Arms Sales to Iraq as Speculation

Dmitry Rogozin, the chairman of the State Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee, has reacted angrily to the US State Department's allegations that Russia has supplied arms and military technology to Iraq in breach of UN sanctions. Rogozin said that the allegations were of a speculative nature.

'The danger of such attack on Russia is that they could undermine the partnership between Russia and America that has been built over the last few years,' said Rogozin. The member of parliament suggested that the White House and State Department 'should have shown more restraint' in order not to split the anti-terrorism coalition. 'If the US' actions under the banner of fighting terrorism infringe a state's sovereignty and independence and are contrary to international law, then it will be difficult to see how an anti-terrorism coalition featuring Russia can survive,' he added. Rogozin stressed that 'the US leadership will be given all necessary explanations concerning the allegations of military assistance to Iraq via diplomatic channels.'

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