Russia Denies Reports about Military Equipment Supplies to Iraq

The Aviakonversiya company flatly has rejected U.S. media reports alleging that the company supplied Iraq with jamming electronic signals equipment without UN sanctions, RIA Novosti learned from a company source.

RIA Novosti learned from Aviakonversiya Head Oleg Antonov that these reports "contradict reality". "The company has supplied nothing to Iraq," he announced.

Antonov denied allegations about company military experts staying in Iraq to teach the Iraqi military how to employ the equipment. "The company has sent no experts to Iraq. It is a lie", he said.

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that Washington had made an official protest against allegations that Russia's two companies illegally supplied Iraq with anti-tank missiles, night vision glasses for soldiers, and that a third Russian company helped the Iraqi military install equipment to jam electronic signals that guide US bombs and missiles to Iraqi targets.

The Washington Post claims that last week the US learned that representatives of Aviakonversiya which supplied the devices to Iraq were staying in the country to explain to the Iraqis how to use them.