Unique Novgorod arboretum park turns 29 on Wednesday

On Wednesday, July 31, a unique arboretum park in the Novgorod region (Russia's north-west) turns 29.

According to RIA Novosti's data, the vast arboretum park on the bank of the Msta river in the village of Opechensky Posad, the Borovichsky district, was founded by local enthusiast Semyon Ushanov 29 years ago.

Ushanov managed to grow exotic plants in Russia's north. His collection includes Japanese false cypress, northern white cedar, butternut and black walnut (America), Macedonian pine, feather-fern, which grows in Japan and China, and many other rare plants, brought to the bank of the Msta from Russian botanical gardens.

In addition to exotic plants, Ushanov used to grow ordinary trees and shared saplings with his fellow-villagers. Nowadays, Ushanov's oak-trees and maples decorate the streets in Opechensky Posad.

The park is noted not only for its plants. By the entrance to the park a mechanic bear meets everyone, who arrives in the Novgorod village to look at this wonder, and invites them to come in. Sculptures were carved from dry trees. In addition, Semyon Ushanov set several fountains in the park.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team