Will Putin and Bush quarrel?

It seems that the cooperation between Russia and Iran will continue. Moscow will not stop cooperating with Tehran just to please Washington. We recall that this story has been receiving more and more attention after the G-8 summit in the Canadian town of Kananaskis. Russia is allegedly going to receive 20 billion dollars in return to its refusal to cooperate with Iran.

Americans are especially concerned about the nuclear reactor project in the town of Bushehr; this project is being carried out with Russia’s direct participation. As it turns out, Russia is going to help in the construction of not only one, but five reactors. Three of them are in Bushehr, and two others are in the town of Ahvaz, which is 100 kilometers from the Iraqi border. The Russian government published these plans on July 26th.

Needless to say, Washington’s reaction was negative. State Department Deputy Spokesman Philip T. Reeker dropped a hint that cooperation between Moscow and Tehran would be inefficient for Russia’s wider strategic interests.

Western media outlets reported that the USA has plans for a preventive strike on the reactor, which is being built in Busher. However, Reeker rejected such information, having claimed it was just a provocation. It is not ruled out that it is quite the opposite thing. Washington does not hesitate to attack unfriendly regimes, and Iran fits this category very well. If the White House does not find any other way to stop the construction of the reactor, then the strike is very likely to happen.

Many experts say that cooperation between Russia and Iran would undermine the partnership between Russia and America, but a partnership means that political and economic interests should be taken into account by both parties. Washington deliberately forgets this.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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