Russian singer Alena Apina praises bin Laden’s deeds

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first among world leaders to express sympathy with the American people after the Sept.11 tragedy, some people in Moscow evidently want to gain scandalous popularity in connection with the tragedy.

St.Petersburg’s Novosti newspaper (News of St.Petersburg) informs that Russian popular singer Alena Apina, who is now no longer at the peak of her singing career, decided to re-gain her bygone popularity. The singer’s new video for the song “Cherry” praises the skyscraper destruction: the video begins and we see the singer walking about city streets, and houses behind her back flash and collapse.

Apina’s producers plan to negotiate a tour of the singer in the USA. Reaction of the American people to videos of this kind is sure to demonstrate whether the people remember the Sept.11 tragedy and if it is necessary to grant entry to the USA to those people who want to gain popularity from the national tragedy.

It is strange, but the singer expects to gain even greater popularity in another video where she is making love to Russian singer Boris Moiseyev, who is famous for his homosexual orientation.


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Author`s name: Editorial Team